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et moi elle

With almost a decade of traveling the big blue, seven Atlantic Crossings, and more Instagrammed purple sunsets than I can count, I traveled around the most glamorous anchorages and ports, from St Tropez to Saint Barth's and everywhere in between. My yachting career started in the Caribbean on the small fall-in-love kind of island, half-Dutch-half-French Sint Maarten. 
Sharing my love and years between the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, and the Mediterranean (with a season around South-East Asia thrown in as you do), I soireed with Royalty, Oligarchs, A-listers, and even Astronauts. Miscarriages, deaths, suicides, and overdoses; honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings; no two days resembled anything that I already knew. 

I am your intuitive evangelist, gypsetter, and progressive leader. I am devoted to extraordinary travel experiences by reinventing travel around more profound experiences within the mind, body, and spirit. I am at the forefront of wellness, yoga, luxury hospitality, and cultural & spiritual entertainment. With 20+ years (PR, Events, and Superyacht) under my belt, I am passionate, people-centric, and forward-thinking. I found my niche where I could collaborate my worldly experience, enabling me to create magical experiences in exotic locations - fuelling my passion for experiential travel, luxury villas, yoga, and meeting influential people from all around the world.

After a holiday to Bali between yachting seasons, my life changed forever. After returning to the boat in Ibiza, I decided it was time for a change, so I went back to Bali via India-Philippines-Australia.
I arrived alone on the chaotic tropical Indonesian island that late September of twenty-seventeen, with my extra-large Marie Kondo, packed metallic Samsonite suitcase. Excited to start a new adventure on the island of the Gods, after months of reading influencers' blogs and screening perfect pallets of Instagram pages, I was looking forward to my next year of self-discovery.
I had just returned from a cliched three-month trip to India, after cohabiting the most popular Ashram in the Rishikesh foothills of the snow-tipped Himalayan Mountains, with an extended family of cockroaches. That difficult, sweaty summer, I journeyed through self (and India) spending over eight hours a day in an awkward yoga asana, reluctantly waking at 4 AM for an hour cleansing class, sticking bits of bamboo string up one nostril and pulling it put the other - all in the name of Shiva. Cleansing lessons preceded Indian Philosophy, Anatomy, and Meditation before my head gladly hit the steel sprung mattress (without pillow) each night after 10 PM. The Sanskrit chanting and daily dips in the Mother Ganges River were good for the soul. That, coupled with a more supple body, a 500-hour yoga teaching certificate, and more yoga clothes that I knew what to do with, changed my path forever. With a newfound passion for mantras, burning palo santo, multicolored saris, and Tibetan sound bowls, my journey has only just begun. 

Little than a year later, I chased more colorful deities and offerings southeast to Bali. That was the birth of my Wellness Retreat business and vision, which I aptly named "Stellar & Luna" after a lifelong fascination for astrology. Follow me on my bravest and most daring journey from India to Bali as I explore the thrills and chills of what became my life and home for the next two years. With more tears than triumphs, after discovering my true self, my world came shattering down after the suicide of my financé. 
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