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Well hello there! You've stumbled upon the profile of a triple cat mom who loves cats more than humans. But don't worry, I'm definitely a people person too! As a creative director, storyteller, and master of puns, I bring a unique and playful perspective to branding and design.

My ultimate goal is to have my own 'Rosé Cat Café' - a destination unknown where cat lovers can come together and sip on some wine while cuddling with some feline friends. But until then, I'm a rolling stone creative designer, resin artist, writer, podcaster, and photographer, always on the move and seeking out new experiences.

With decades of experience in PR and Ad Agencies, I create brand assets and design websites that add a little 'Je Ne Sais Quai' to the brand. As a Virgo, I'm a self-proclaimed in-denial perfectionist, which means I stress enough for both of us so you don't have to.

I pride myself on providing an experiential branding service that immerses myself in the brand to create a customer experience that truly resonates. I only work with mindful and sustainable brands that align with my ethos and core beliefs.

So if you're looking for a unique and refreshing approach to branding and design, don't be shy! Let's collaborate and create something truly special together. Reach out and let's start your brand ritual today.

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