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Let me tell you about why I love working with resin as my medium of choice for creating abstract art.


Resin is the perfect medium for capturing fluid subjects and concepts. Its shiny surface is easily recognizable and translates beautifully into works of fluid art. As a resin artist, I'm always up for taking risks and embracing the moment, because once you pour that resin, there's no going back!

Although I used to work in PR & Branding and Superyacht Interior Management, I now paint full-time. However, I haven't completely left my design influences behind - they're still evident in the form and color choices I make in my resin work. My pieces are like oceanscapes or scenes from the galaxy, which evolve organically during the creative process.

For me, my art practice and creative journey have been a source of healing. As a self-taught artist, I now hope to bring that same healing to others through my work. I believe that art is an expression of love from a higher power, and it has the power to heal those it meets.

Creating resin pieces is like meditation to me - it allows me to explore my inner thoughts and exist in an 'of-the-moment' state of being. My vibrant resin pieces speak of warm summer afternoons spent on the beach, where the tide meets the sand. And I hope that when you see my art, you feel that same sense of healing and connection to something greater.

listen to your art


Hey there! I'm Elle, and I want to share my story of turning pain into paint.

It all started when my friend Jess was tragically murdered in Ibiza in 2017. I was filled with deep pain and anger, and I needed an outlet to express my emotions. That's when I discovered my love for art.

I never knew I had a talent for art until I started creating pieces that channeled the spiritual energy of Jess. It wasn't just about creating a product or a piece of artwork - it was a spiritual experience that allowed me to express my emotions and connect with my friend on the other side.

My artwork is a combination of resin, acrylic paints, and inks, all blended together to create a complex harmony of emotions. I create interpretative cosmic-scapes that pay homage to the interconnectedness of all things - from the spirituality of the cosmos to the ever-evolving formations of the ocean.

My art approach is free-flowing and intuitive, a process that involves layering colors and textures to create an illusion of multiple dimensions. I create during deep meditation, and each piece is a powerful reflection of the beauty and interconnectedness of the world around us.

I'm honored to share my art with you, and I hope that my channeled and activated pieces inspire you to connect with your own spiritual energy and activate your own remembrance and magnificence.

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