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hi, I´m elle

  Dream it. Create it. Ellechemy it. 


Get to Know Us

Alright, let me spill the juice on how my wild journey kicked off.

My journey started in Zimbabwe, a lifetime ago. But let's fast forward a few decades, and my life did a complete 360 when I stumbled upon some seriously cosmic stuff – think esotericism, crystals, the law of attraction, and the mind-blowing power of thought. Now, I was living the PR life in Dublin, when I crossed paths with my first Psychic Medium.

This psychic looked into her crystal ball or whatever she did, and she said, "Girl, I see you surrounded by turtles and palm trees!" But she wasn't done; she spilled the beans on manifesting, visualization, and the mystical wonders of reiki healing. At the time I was living in Dublin, the only turtles were in the Phoenix Park Zoo - and there definitely aren't any palm trees in Ireland. 

Less than nine months later I had a one-way ticket in hand, with a window seat to Sint Maarten, and I've never looked back. I spent eight years living on board superyachts traveling around the world-literally- I have seven Atlantic Crossings under my belt and have crossed the Equator twice- by superyacht. My daily life consists of palm trees and I've had my fair share of turtles. 

Since living in Dublin, I have lived in Mallorca, Bali, and Mexico (currently Tulum) and have traveled extensively across Australia, the Philippines, the USA, India, Europe the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. 

Along the way, I have soaked up all sorts of mystical vibes from reiki to yoga, plant medicine to breathwork, and you name it. I managed to mix and match all my skills and passions – being a publicist, a yachtie, a healer, an artist, a writer, and a podcaster – into one big, beautiful, and totally chaotic blend.

And that is how Ellechemy was born!

Exceptional doesn't equate to exclusivity. Extraordinary ideas and enlightening perspectives can emerge from any corner of the world. The diversity of my viewpoint, opinions, and skills stands as one of my greatest assets.

Creating a circle that embraces a multitude of voices and experiences isn't just a matter of principle; it's a fundamental aspect of my mission.

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